4050 Lofts Lease Agreement

Within 50 miles of 4050 lofts (Off Campus Apartments) The apartments themselves are not so bad. HOWEVER, managers tend to lie, be rude and disrespectful to their clients. I`ve had some problems with the management company in the past, but now (because of their incompetence), they`ve threatened to drive me out. In short, their site didn`t work and I wasn`t able to pay online (I wasn`t in the US). No one answered my emails or phone calls. Now no one wants to solve the problem with me. The manager was at the office all day, but he didn`t have time to talk to me. (I didn`t have time to do his job). They fined me and told me they wanted to drive me out in 3 days. I DON`T RECOMMEND 4050 APARTMENTS BECAUSE MANAGERS THEY WILL BE ON ANY ANYWAY. We now check availability for you! Someone from the leasing team will be contacting you soon. In the meantime, call 4050 lofts at (813) 434-1288. The complaint filed on January 30, 2014 at Hillsborough County Circuit Court, Florida by bedbug attorney Craig Dell on behalf of a 4050 loft resident, claimed that his apartment was infested with bed bugs.

In addition, the lawsuit 4050 lofts in violation of the Florida Unfair Practices and Unfair Practices Act and attempts to set up 4050 apartment rental lofts that are not safe for human occupancy. The former resident is seeking damages for more than 100 painful and intensely itchy bed bites, beatings, pain and suffering, psychological suffering and economic loss. I regret that I have terminated my lease here. Far too expensive for the lack of quality, considering that other housing on the street is much cheaper. The Front Office promises things to new tenants to get them to enter into a lease and then completely ignore the wishes of the candidates. The place could even be better. “The staff are very helpful and they always answer all my questions. This is a great location at an incredible price. I would definitely recommend 4050 lofts as one of the best off-campus apartments for the USF.

” – Raven N I wish that if I can evaluate ZERO for this unethical case. I have a lot of problems with these apartments and I`m going to talk about them so people know what they`re getting into! 1- When I moved into the tenant said they clean and inspect the unit to make sure everything is ready, but it was a complete lie because I took pictures of broken cabinet sliding doors, torn chair, dusty bed, dusty table, dusty desk, dirty carpet, dirty sink and toilet with pee around it. I mean, what is it, and if you complain, say oh sorry, we can`t show the rooms before you sign and already have the room. It`s like selling a car to someone, but they can`t drive it unless they buy it. The water pressure is also very low and the room light went out after two weeks of moving in. They basically want to rush them through the process so they can get you to the end of the lease so you pay money. 2- Worst customer service of all time. I used to have apartments and I`ve never complained about anyone, but these people deserve it. They only have Zack, which is amazing, but the rest needs more training or even fired especially Victoria, who is the manager / Natalie who is assistant manager, and another girl on the forehead who did not want to give her name and she did not even have a day and dressed in pajamas.

I bought a reserved sticker for my car and tried to reach the manager of some kind of someone who had been parked in my reserved place since I got it, but I couldn`t reach them because they said she was busy, even though she was eating and talking with Natalie, I offered to wait, and yet they told me they couldn`t do anything, even though they hadn`t heard what I had to say.