Importance Of The Helsinki Agreements

Encourage the search for new fields and forms of cultural cooperation that, to this end, contribute to the conclusion and encouragement of stakeholders, where appropriate agreements and arrangements, if necessary: – intensification of short- or long-term exchanges and contacts between young people who work, form or are in training through bilateral or multilateral agreements or regular programmes If possible, if possible; If necessary, they take appropriate measures to achieve the above objectives and implement the provisions contained in the agreements and treaties. Facilitate communication and direct contact between universities, scientific institutions and associations, as well as between scientists and researchers, including, where appropriate, on the basis of specific agreements or agreements, by the following means: participating states respect, with due consideration of the above principles and in particular the first sentence of the tenth sentence of “respect for obligations of good faith in international law” , that this declaration does not infringe on their rights and obligations, nor on the corresponding treaties and agreements. Reaffirming that this cooperation can be developed and implemented bilaterally and multilaterally at state and non-governmental levels, for example through intergovernmental and other agreements, international programmes, cooperation projects and trade channels, using various forms of contacts, including direct and individual contacts, encouraging competent organisations and relevant companies to conclude agreements and contracts , contributing to a gradual increase in the number and diversity of works by authors from other participating states. in the original and in translation in their libraries and bookstores; – the promotion of people who communicate direct contacts and communications in the fields of education and science, including those based on specific agreements or agreements, if any. recognize the importance of these measures in encouraging greater participation of small and medium-sized enterprises in exchanges between participating states. Aware of the importance of training and training of staff and technicians for the economic development of each country, – aware among young people of the importance of developing mutual understanding and strengthening friendly relations and trust between peoples. Recognize the importance of bilateral and multilateral intergovernmental agreements and other agreements for the long-term development of trade; They plan to consider, where appropriate, means, including, where appropriate, multilateral or bilateral consular agreements or other relevant agreements or arrangements, to improve the delivery of consular services, including legal and consular assistance.