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The International Office grants the Erasmus scholarship. Students receive a scholarship contract each year in July, when their Erasmus stay begins during the winter semester of the academic year. For students who start their Erasmus stay during the summer semester, the Erasmus scholarship is awarded annually in November. Agreements on certain language levels concluded in Erasmus contracts with partner universities and in the Learning Agreement should therefore not be substantiated or confused with an online test. These language skills are guaranteed by other evidence when selecting participants by faculties or specialized sections. Tsinghua Fact Sheet 2018-19 Tsinghua Graduate Students Academic Guide 2018 Financial assistance for Erasmus stays abroad depends on the cost of living in destination or programme countries. Your application will be complete as soon as we receive the application form signed by email and if it has been received within the allotted time. Download your full application on the online registration form. You are here: Erasmus aid and funding requirements. Compulsory language tests after being selected for Erasmus studies are designed to promote equal opportunities and inclusion, which will facilitate access to the programme with students with disabilities and students who have access to an Erasmus study stay in a programme country. For more information, visit this DAAD web page.

We will be happy to inform you more about the possibilities of special erasmus funding. Please contact us for an Adriane Sehlinger. The European Commission provides an online language test for 24 European languages. This is mandatory for all students after the selection or before the start of mobility as well as after the end of the stay. However, this is not a selection criterion for erasmus assistance and is not gilded for native speakers. The systematic and pan-European assessment of the development of individual language skills makes it possible to assess the effectiveness of Erasmus. Agreements on certain language levels in Erasmus contracts with the partner university and in the apprenticeship agreement should not be confused with the online test and cannot be satisfied with the online test. Faculties and departments ensure these language skills by using other documents in the selection of participants. The following minimum amounts for three groups of countries will apply across Europe from 2018/2019. The cost of living is highest in group 1 countries.

Students who are staying in an Erasmus in one of the Group 1 countries will thus benefit from a larger Erasmus grant than students who are staying in an Erasmus country in a group 2 or 3 country. The same logic applies to group 2. The European Commission is proposing an online language test for 24 European languages. All students must take the test in their working language after being selected/selected before their stay and after their stay. However, this is not a selection criterion for the reimbursement of Erasmus funds and does not apply to native speakers. Erasmus scholarships from the Erasmus International Office promote equal opportunities and inclusion. This is why students with disabilities or students who take their child abroad in a program country will receive additional funding to facilitate their stay.