Nicotine Free Agreement In Virgin Pulse

Smoking cigarettes is not only widespread, but also deadly. One in five deaths in the United States is due to smoking. And it`s not just a problem in the United States. The World Health Organization reports that 1.1 billion people are tobacco users, meaning that about one in seven people on this planet is addicted to nicotine. The EX program joins a network of clinically proven digital health and wellness tools as part of Virgin Pulse`s partner network and its recently launched VP offering. Through this partnership program, Virgin Pulse customers can easily give your members access to a personalized exit plan, live chat coaching by tobacco treatment specialists, free medications, 24/7 peer support through a thriving social community, personalized text messages and more through the EX program. The American Cancer Society reports that only 4 to 7 percent of people who want to quit smoking can do so unaided. The help can take the form of nicotine patches, prescription drugs, etc. In addition, help can come from a supportive community or a health coach. The best and most effective programs combine several approaches to cover the many challenges that stop with smoking. On the initiative of truth: The Truth Initiative is a national health organization that inspires a tobacco-free life and builds a culture in which all young people and young adults reject tobacco.

In 2020, we will celebrate 20 years of life and prevent millions of young people from smoking. Our impact has helped reduce smoking rates from 23% in 2000 to a record 3.7% in 2019. The truth about tobacco and the tobacco industry is at the heart of our effective and nationally recognized truth® public information campaign. The truth of late has also been the youthful epidemic of evaporation and opioids. Our rigorous scientific and policy studies, community engagement and youth programs to help people at high risk of tobacco use, and innovation in the treatment of tobacco addiction also help put an end to one of the most critical public health struggles of our time. . C Our organization, formerly known as the American Legacy Foundation, was created and funded in 1998 by the Master Settlement Agreement between attorneys general in 46 states, 5 U.S. territories and the tobacco industry. For more information, see About EX®:The EX program is a Digital Health for Tobacco Addiction program from The Truth Initiative that customizes the exit trip for each participant.