Stamp Duty For Locker Agreement

4.6 The date of issuance of the stamp document must not exceed 6 months more than the date of the transaction. These conditions are the same for different banks, the only difference that arises from the locker rental account, all the other special conditions to be met by the customer, etc. Run the locker with a fresh mind and the utmost patience, and before closing the locker, you left a look at any precious, as left out of the locker. Do not allow anyone to enter if you serve the locker. In fact, going into the locker with close family members like son, daughter, husband or wife is usually good, provided the locker is also rented on their behalf. Safe Deposit Lockers is available in different sizes. Depending on the need, a customer can choose the size of their locker. In accordance with the RBI`s rules in this area, banks cannot require a customer to purchase FDs to rent lockers of their own. However, banks are allowed to take a money deposit warning – cover three years in advance and the customer`s locker breakage fees.

Most of the time, it is therefore appropriate for the client to take this in the form of FD, where he continues to earn interest for him. 2.4 When a piece of legislation is drafted to be covered by more than one article in Schedule I, it is imposed under this section, which levies the highest amount of stamp duty. What happens if I send a key to my friend/family member to use the locker in my absence? Is it necessary to buy an FD (fixed deposit)/insurance for a locker? My brother stole my mother`s jewelry when he died and put it in a locker. After 5 years, I found the account number went to the bank so no one would exploit it, because there are stolen goods (my stock) we contaminate the stolen goods (my share) until the cases are settled. The bank SBI Danapore laughed at me and said it would allow my brother to make it work as he likes it. On request, the RBI clarified that banks were not responsible for the case where the contents of a locker would be compromised by civil war, burglary or other reasons. The customer keeps his valuables in the locker at his own risk and the banks that provide a safe service cannot be held responsible. Yes, it`s a bit shocking, but it`s true. If the locker is empty for more than a certain period of time. For example, for clients considered high risk (NRI clients, etc.). If the bank does not operate for more than a year, it can be pierced by the bank. This also happens when rent is regularly paid on the locker.

The break is ensured by the company that has a contract with the bank for the installation and maintenance of the lockers. Sir, I`d like to know something about the bank vault. In fact, there is a safe at Allahabad Bank in the name of my grandmother, who is 82 years old and who is nominated is my father, who is not mentally fit. My grandmother`s age is 82 years old, so she has lost her ability to use the locker properly. She distributes all the things dear to people other than her grandchildren. So this is really very critical n serious problem. Is there a rule for grandchildren to take over the guard castle and block it before they get full custody?? Please suggest some rules to combat them… So, as Shivani told me, you don`t need to be a hot VIP customer from the bank to have a locker – you just have to have an account and be able to pay the annual rent from the locker. Go to any branch of a public or private bank (whether SBI, ICICI or HDFC) where they have lockers and you will know the terms and conditions. But let us spare you the trip and tell you here. One of the safest ways to store valuables such as jewellery, important documents and other valuables are safes or bank vaults.