Social Security Agreement Between India And France

If you are entitled to social benefits from both the United States and France and you do not need the agreement to be eligible for either benefit, U.S. law may reduce the amount of your U.S. benefit. This is the result of a provision in U.S. law that can influence how the U.S. calculates your benefit if you also receive a pension based on work that is not covered by U.S. Social Security. For more information, visit our website at, and get a copy of the Wind Elimination Charge (publication No. 05-10045).

If you are outside the United States, you can write to us in the “More Information” section. Section 233 of the Amended Social Security Act [42 U.S.C. 433] authorizes us to collect this information. We use the information you provide to determine whether your current work should only be covered by the U.S. social security system under an international social security agreement. The information you provide on this form is optional. However, if we do not provide all or part of the requested information, we may not make a timely and accurate decision on your application for a coverage certificate. Without the certificate, current work can continue to be covered and taxed under U.S. and foreign social security plans. We will only use the information you provide on this form for reasons other than the ones described above. However, we can use it for the management and integrity of social security programs. We may also disclose information to another person or agency, in accordance with authorized routine uses, that include, but are not limited: Normally, people who are not U.S.

citizens may receive U.S. Social Security benefits while they are outside the United States, only if they meet certain requirements. However, according to the agreement, you can benefit from benefits as long as you reside in France, regardless of your nationality. If you are not a French citizen of the United States and you live in another country, you cannot receive benefits. The restrictions on U.S. services are explained in the social brochure Security – Your Payments While You Are Outside The United States (publication No. 05-10137). If you do not wish to be entitled to benefits, but would like more information about the agreement, write:If you do not agree with the decision regarding your entitlement to benefits under the agreement, contact a U.S.

or French social security office. The people there can tell you what you need to do to appeal the decision. If you have credits in both the United States and France, you may be eligible for benefits from one or both countries. If you meet all the essential requirements under a country`s system, you will benefit regularly from that country. If you don`t meet the basic requirements, the agreement can help you qualify for a performance, as explained below. We can also use the information you can provide in the computer`s matching programs. Matching programs compare our records with records from other federal, regional or local authorities. The information contained in these matching programs can be used to determine or verify an individual`s merits for government-funded or managed benefit programs and for the repayment of payments or debts under these programs. A complete list of routine uses for this information can be found in our Recording Information System entitled, Earnings Records and Self-Employment Income System, 60-0059. This communication, additional information on this form and information about our programs and systems are available online at address or in any social security office.